Gender Pay Gap Widens for Full-Time Staff

The introduction of gender pay gap reporting obligations was never expected to herald a quick fix of generations of pay inequality, but the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed the unwelcome news that the gender pay gap among full-time employees has in fact increased in recent times.

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Be honest about the reason for dismissal

Another Court of Appeal case has underlined the dangers of giving one reason for dismissing an employee and then later giving the true reason when defending a claim. In the case of Otshudi v Base Childrenswear the employee had worked for the company for only 3 months when she was dismissed for redundancy.

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Whistle-blowing cases continue to make headlines

Protection for whistle-blowers continues to hit the headlines and we’re certainly seeing a significant increase in such cases. There are some significant challenges in dealing with the technical aspects and the potential for large damages awards, even for relatively short-serving employees means that the cases can pose real risk for businesses if not managed effectively.

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Open Plan Offices? Not for me, thanks

Open-plan offices are a cost-effective and logical choice for most businesses, but for employees with autism or other types of neurodivergence, they can be unsuitable. Find out how one employee ended up being awarded over £50,000 at an employment tribunal, thanks to one firm's open-plan environment.

2019-10-21T13:09:39+01:0016 October 2019|News|

Even Illegal Workers Have Employment Rights

Can foreign nationals who work illegally in this country rely on their employment contracts in bringing proceedings before an Employment Tribunal? Find out how a recent decision made in the Court of Appeal signals a judicial clampdown on the exploitation of overseas workers.

2019-10-16T13:14:35+01:0016 October 2019|News|
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