A survey has found that 52% of surveyed job seekers over the age of 50 believed their age made employers less likely to hire them.

The Legal and General Retail Retirement and the Centre for Economics and Business Research survey of 2,000 over-50s in the UK found that perceptions that they were too overqualified, too close to retirement age, more expensive to hire, or a perceived or actual generational skills gap made employers less likely to invite them to interview or hire them. The percentage of people who felt their age put them at a disadvantage in securing a new role increased from 46% of those aged between 50 and 59 to 64% for those between 60 and 69.

With many of the post-pandemic schemes to improve job prospects being geared towards upskilling young workers, there has been evidence of polarisation in the job market, with older workers struggling to find roles. But with many businesses now facing a dearth of suitable candidates, some are starting to spread the net wider and the Centre for Ageing Better has launched a best practice guide to help employers be more age-inclusive in their recruitment processes.

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