As we noted in our update yesterday, the usual rules for sick certification will not apply for those who are self-isolating due to possible Coronavirus exposure. The government has today launched Isolation Notes which are intended to  provide employees with evidence for their employers that they have been advised to self-isolate due to coronavirus, either because they have symptoms or they live with someone who has symptoms, and so cannot work.


Obviously self-certification rules will apply for the first seven days off work so no evidence needs to be provided. After that, employers may ask for evidence of sickness absence and where the employee has symptoms of coronavirus or is living with someone who has symptoms, the isolation note is intended to be used to provide evidence of the advice to self-isolate.


The notes can be accessed through the NHS website and NHS 111 online. The system relies entirely on honesty, as there is no requirement to provide any other evidence or corroboration, so please do get in touch if you have any concerns about an isolation note provided to you.

If you would like further advice tailored to your particular circumstances, please contact us.