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100 Years of Women in Law

This year we're celebrating the centenary of the (catchily-titled) Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919. That Act finally paved the way for female law graduates to qualify and practice as solicitors and barristers. As a (currently) all-female firm, we definitely think that’s something worth raising a glass to!

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The Problem with Cake

Aside from being the scourge of every New Year’s diet, cake has now caused a real problem with the laws prohibiting discrimination in employment. It seems surprising – after all, pretty much everyone likes cake. So what’s the issue?

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HR in the Firing Line

During the last year, we’ve seen a definite trend in life being made just that little bit more difficult for our employer clients or, to be more specific, for the individuals who make up their senior HR function.

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Dismissal Ruled Breach of Implied Term

Employee’s Dismissal While Entitled To Long-Term Disability Benefit Ruled A Breach Of Implied Term. In Awan v ICTS UK Ltd UKEAT/0087/18, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (AT) held that the Employment Tribunal (ET) erred in deciding an employer had not breached an implied contractual term when dismissing an employee while he was [...]

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Dismissal for Failing Drug Test was Unfair

Dismissing an employee for a failed drug test was deemed unfair by the Employment Tribunal. In Ball v First Essex Buses Limited ET 3201435/2017 the Employment Tribunal (ET) held that a bus driver was unfairly dismissed for gross misconduct when he failed a routine drug test. Mr Ball, the Claimant, was employed [...]

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