Cheryl joined Mitchell Law as Practice Manager at the start of 2021. She began her career as a lawyer over 15 years ago, before moving into management roles. Cheryl brings a wealth of experience from her background in healthcare and law.

Cheryl’s calm, compassionate approach to management is underpinned by a great eye for detail and the drive to provide the best environment for the team to excel.

Areas of expertise include compliance, policy development and employee wellbeing. Cheryl is passionate about enhancing employee experience and developing a positive, authentic workplace culture.

When not dealing with the challenges of legal practice, she loves travel (Covid permitting) and photography – and if she can combine both, so much the better.

Cheryl Attrill, Practice Manager, Mitchell Law

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“Mitchell Law understand our broad business objectives and goals, which is essential, when guiding us towards achieving the very best outcomes. They don’t sit on the fence.”

Maureen Debbage, Vice Principal, New College Swindon